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I'm Amy, I'm 22, and I live in New Jersey.

Idols are a big part of my life. Though Hello!Project and Johnny's are my main loves.

I also reblog a decent of amount of Jrock, Supernatural, Doctor Who, or whatever random TV shows I'm also into.

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Wait, what is this from?????


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Contenders
~Super Visual Battle Royale~ 2013

DL: 01 ll 02 ll 03
       04 ll 05 ll 06
       07 ll 08 ll 09
- Use HJSplit to join them together.
- I tried for an entire day to upload this, but DM is being evil! I guess DL for now. It’ll be better quality anyway. I’ll post when I have it uploaded.



I think it’d be fun to hear it all the time so there you have it! XD

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Byou as Sailor Moon xDD

Oh, gif from now. XD


Byou had to impersonate Sailor Moon! XD

V-Anime Rocks 7/28

Kazuki: “Let me introduce you to my mother!~”